Top clothes matching app save you from craving of shopping in quarantine time


With the development of technology, a smartphone can meet most of the needs of users for work purposes such as checking mail, reading documents, or for entertainment purposes such as surfing the Internet or playing games. However, few people know that they can do more than that. Smartphones, accompany the application developers, have created applications to solve user problems to make their life easier. One of those problems is fashion. Let’s find out how the clothes matching app list below can help you get over the “fashion obsession”.

1. Smart Fashion – Smarten up your style

Smart Fashion is a newborn in the clothes matching app list. Nonetheless, the founder and developers of this application applied the latest AI and virtual technology to make it worth to be in this top apps. It is expected to be a major part of the contribution to customer behavior changing.

smart fashion
Smart Fashion – Smarten up your style

Smart Fashion provides users with different features that could improve their experience in online shopping. It does not only contain the function of trying on clothes virtually but also outfits recommendations. However, in the very first release that would be on this April, users can try the T-shirt virtually trying only. The other features will be on the next launching that is expected to be in a short time.

2. Stylicious – smart clothes matching app to manage your wardrobe

Standing in front of a giant wardrobe but still don’t know what to wear must be the most common female struggle every morning. Stylicious is the clothes matching app that can set a fashion schedule every day to help you choose clothes faster. This application allows users to list all categories of clothes in the wardrobe, plan and make a list of clothing they want to wear daily. Besides, the style statistics feature will analyze that with a model of dress or shirt, which colors is the most popular. Furthermore, it can record the frequency of the week’s wear so that users have a reasonable choice of clothes. This feature is extremely useful for reducing shopping costs and re-organizing your wardrobe.

clothes matching app
Stylicious will save your time every morning – Image:

3. Closet+ brings a new experience on clothes matching app

This clothes matching app will work with your wardrobe like a real stylist, which can cost you a lot, with just zero-budget. You can download this app for free on the Appstore, take some time to set up (snap photos and categorize the clothes you’s like to manage) and let it do the work of a professional stylist. It can truly create a digital version of your closet. Scheduling for each day also prevents you from keeping wearing the same clothes and makes the most of what you have in the closet, which features can help you a lot while traveling. In addition, it also allows you to notice some items that have been staying still for too long in the closet and be ready to be resold.

What’s more, you can note down how much an item costs and note every time you wear it. Hence, you can control how much you spend on shopping and see whether that super-pricey suit was worth the investment.

clothes matching app
Closet+ provides you with the digital version of your closet – Image:

4. The Hunt – the powerful AI fashion shopping hunter

You are surfing the social network and you see a nice shirt but don’t know where to buy it. This app will search for you. When a user starts posting a photo of a costume, this app will collect and process information provided by other users. Finally, the system will list the results of the stores or individuals offering similar products. In addition to that, when you have trouble in matching clothes, you can find suggestions online or create a poll to get advice from other users.

clothes matching app
The hunt is an AI fashion shopping hunter – Image: Pinteres/@thehunt

5. Mod Man – clothes matching app for gentlemen

It is often said that men are less interested in fashion than women, so fashion products are mostly for women and ignore men. If you want to change your style still haven’t found a suitable style for yourself, Mod Man can give you a hand. This app can help you change your style starting from your own wardrobe. You only need to take photos of all the items you have and upload, this application will allow you to mix and match right on the phone screen. Thanks to that, you can try clothes online without spending time going in and out of the bathroom watching yourself in the mirror to see if it looks okay. This clothes matching app also allows you to save outfits every day. 

clothes matching app
Mod Man – fashion app for gentlemen – Image:

6. Cloth – a fashionable way to slay your day

This is another favor for Apple-fans. This amazing clothes matching app will be a great help in choosing clothes for busy guys and girls. Working as an alarm, this app will wake you up with some suggested outfits suitable for the weather on that day. Moreover, you can use this app to take photos of your favorite clothes and interact with your friends on Cloth to find the style suits you.

clothes matching app
Cloth is a new way to start your day fashionably – Image:

7. Stylebook – a digital version of your wardrobe

Stylebook is a clothes matching app to help you manage your wardrobe smartly. Similar to the other apps, you can take and upload photos of costumes that you have in your wardrobe to the app and manage them technologically. Moreover, you also can add images from stores or brands found on the Internet, which allows you to view how they’ll mix with your current items. However, to offer you the best AI fashion shopping experience, this trying clothes online feature is just the beginning. It can help you track items by location and price. Just like Closet+, it will show you cost-per-wear for each item.

The Stylebook’s “Style Stats” feature will show you the total number of items in your wardrobe and the real value. Plus, it will show you your most and least- worn items, your favorite mix and match, etc. Therefore, you can see what items fit you the most and you can spend more wisely on them.

If you are an amateur fashion, the style advice, and the inspiration library will help you out. What’s more, you can follow the expert advice on choosing clothes, take care of it, and tailor it right on this clothes matching app.

clothes matching app
Stylebook is one of the best clothes matching apps so far – Image:


Hopefully, with those clothes matching apps above, you will no longer have difficulty managing your wardrobe, mixing and matching, shopping as well as upgrading your personal fashion style.