Ready for a fancy summer with 5 cute summer outfit ideas


Summer is almost here. Do you have any idea how to welcome summer with the most trendy and fresh outfits? Check out top 5 cute summer outfit ideas for girls with Smart Fashion now!

Floral dress – An item you should have in your closet

A floral dress is an indispensable item for girls on summer days. Designed with flower patterns in elegant and soft colors, this kind of dress brings a gentle, feminine appearance for every girl. Besides, the lightweight and airy fabric such as silk chiffon, cotton will help you dispel the hot summer weather and stand out of the crowd.

A long floral dress is one of the best cute summer outfit ideas that you cannot ignore. This type of skirt is really useful for those who are not confident with their legs. The long floral dress will help to cover some parts like bow-legged, big thighs, and big calves… Don’t forget to add a long floral dress to your closet and become a graceful girl!

Long floral dresses
Long floral dresses are the perfect outfits when hanging out. Photo: Laura Cleffmann; Sonnie Hiles.

If you have a modest height or just don’t like the long floral dresses, choose the short ones. This type of dress will help you cleverly “hack” the height and increase the charm, youthful appearance.

cute summer outfit ideas
Become higher with a short floral dress. Photo:; Oleg Ivanov Sg; Igor Starkov.

Furthermore, you can F5 yourself with super pretty floral skirts. An outfit from a T-shirt and floral skirt will give you an elegant, feminine radiant in any situation.

cute summer outfit ideas with T-shirt
Combination of  T-shirt and floral skirt dispel the hot summer days. Photo: Sule Makaroglu; Yucel Moran; Peter John Manlapig.

Tank top +  jeans – One of the best cute summer outfit idea for modern girls

Besides the “must-have items” like wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, a tank top is a favorite item when it comes to cute summer outfit ideas. Tank top is a basic item that is really easy to mix and match with many other kinds of clothes such as skirts, shorts or blazers. The variety of colors, as well as the material, is a plus point for a tank top. Especially, when combined with jeans, this outfit will help you become fashionable immediately. No need to be finicky, you still have an outfit with trendy items and enjoy the whole summer vibe.

Tank tops and jeans
Tank tops and jeans will never let you down. Photo: Roland Hechanova; Matthew Ronder Seid.

T-shirt + jeans – A combination of strong style

This choice of cute summer outfit ideas has never been outdated or made you disappointed. If you have to go out with your friends but still don’t know what to wear, choose any T-shirt and jeans in your closet. Then, you will have a set of clothes that does not only make you become energetic but also helps you stand out of the crowd.

T-shirts and jeans
Enjoy the summertime with T-shirts and jeans. Photo: Mikail Mcverry N; Tim Mossholder.

Moreover, to create accents for the outfit, you can mix with sneaker shoes or just a pair of sandals. If you want to look more sophisticated, pair with high heels. These items have great ability to help you get the perfect outfit for the summer and increase your height significantly.

Crop top + culotte jeans – A modern style for cute summer outfit ideas

It is such a pity when welcoming summer without a crop top. Crop tops have become a more popular item than tank tops or other normal shirts. This is because it has a variety of designs from sports, dynamic, or daily style. 

Apart from mixing with short jeans, you still do not know other tips to mix and match with crop tops and become more attractive? Use culotte jeans now! This outfit is extremely stylish and you don’t have to worry about being out of fashion anymore. 

Culotte jeans and crop top for a cute summer outfit idea.
Culotte jeans and crop top for a cute summer outfit idea. Photo: Instagram @chipupu.

Especially, in order to have an outfit that is as impressive as any celeb’s, you should choose culottes jeans with the appropriate length and width. Too large pants will make you look sloppy and much older. The appropriate width is usually two times the width of your foot.

Low-back dress – Why not?

Summer is the time for glamorous cut-out outfits. Besides flounce top, bustier, or wrap, the low-back dress is also an item that is commonly used on summer days. This type of cute summer outfit idea not only helps you cleverly show off the charming curves of the body. But it also helps to flatter your slender, white shoulders through gaps that aren’t too deep. In addition, the well-cut on the back will also create a cool and comfortable feeling when wearing a low-back dress on hot summer days. If you still do not know what to wear this summer, what don’t you buy a low-back dress now?

A sexy, low-back back dress
A sexy, low-back back dress is one of the indispensable items in the wardrobe of every stylish girl. Photo: Neva.


Have you chosen for your closet any summer outfit? We hope these 5 cute summer outfit ideas will help you add the delicate outfits and enjoy the summer to the fullest. Good luck!