Top 5 best online clothing stores in Hanoi you should not miss out on


For those girls who do not have much time for shopping, buying online is one of the best choices. We can choose and buy plenty of different styles from many online clothing stores without having to go out. Here are five online clothing stores in Hanoi that not only help you save time but also define your fashion style. Let’s check out with Smart Fashion!

Find an office chic clothing with Kayystore

Kayystore is a famous fashion shop in Hanoi. Here you can easily find many types of clothes with diverse designs and materials. If you are looking for an office chic outfit, here is exactly the store that can help you. 

outfit for your energetic working day
Some outfit for your energetic working day. Photo: KayyStore.

Clothes here bring femininity, elegance and are suited to the office environment. Besides, the variation of materials, colors, costume styles as well as how to mix accessories is also a plus point for this store. They are really effective in increasing the velvetiness for you. Surely you will become outstanding and professional when using items in this online clothing store. 

You can visit Kayystore at their Fanpage on Facebook or direct them on Instagram via: @kayy.official_ to get your favorite items. Good luck. 

MYAN – The online clothing store for minimalist style’s fan

With the motto of reputable sales, attentive service, and comfort when shopping, MYAN has received a lot of support from customers. In addition to costumes with active, unique styles, MYAN also provides items for those who have minimalist style. Here you will easily find shirts and pants with neutral colors that are popular in the 2020 fashion trend. These sets of clothes have a simple and uncomplicated design. Additionally, basic items such as t-shirts, plain-colored shirts, and jeans are often suggested by shops to mix together to create a “standard” minimalist style. 

MYAN store
You can find clothes with neutral colors in MYAN store. Photo: MYAN.

MYAN sells both offline and online. So you can visit 72 Dai Tu Street, Hanoi or inbox directly to receive useful advice on Instagram via: @myanstore. 

Nut Closet –  Online clothing store selling monochrome clothes

This style requires mixing the same color items together to create a striking outfit and still has a harmonious appearance. At Nut Closet, such trendy outfits are the “soul” of the store. You can find and buy them easily with just very simple steps. Moreover, Nut Closet also suggests samples of the most popular colors together with other accessories. Therefore, you will have more choices to pick your most satisfying ones. Do not miss the chance to experience shopping online with Nut Closet on Instagram via: @nutcloset.

Nut Closet -  Online clothing store selling monochrome clothes
Nut Closet provides many clothes with the same colors. Photo: Nut Closet.

Sò Vintage – The best choice for vintage style 

Of all the current fashion styles, the vintage one is not too strange for fashion lovers. This style appeared from the 1930s of the last century. However, it has been back in recent years and become the favorite style of the young generations. The costumes in Vintage style often have a lovely design, momentum, and elegance through meticulous seams. Vintage clothes have some main colors such as deep red, pale yellow, white, dark blue, nut-brown.

If you are looking for an online shopping store selling this kind of style, you should put Sò Vintage in the first place. Sò Vintage has long been on the top list of clothing shops with feminine and cute styles. Furthermore, clothes in Sò Vintage are diverse in material and style. Every product has a unique point focused on perfectly showing the Vintage style in accordance with the prevailing fashion. The dress with lovely small motifs or tied a charming bow will make you fall in love immediately. 

online clothing stores
Dresses with some main colors of Vintage style in this store. Photo: So Vintage.

No matter where you are, Sò Vintage will cater to your needs with an extremely dedicated online shopping service. Visit Sò Vintage on Instagram now and become “fashionable” via:

Are you a sport chic style lover? Visit now!

An online clothing store you should not miss out is This shop provides oversize shirts, hoodies or tight tank tops. When mixing these items with jeans, torn shorts or cotton pants, it will create an active, youthful style that is suitable for many body shapes. In addition, this shop also has more accessories for sporty chic such as caps and sneakers. Hence, you will have many opportunities to choose and create your own sport chic style outfit. Do not forget to visit on Instagram and get your favorite items. store
Some outfit in sport chic style at store. Photo:


We hope that five online clothing stores in this article will help you find the suitable one. Do not forget to follow Smart Fashion to update news about fashion as well as technical ones.