How to save time with online clothes-fitting technology?


Too much time wasted on shopping and matching outfits in the early morning every day, or days before parties make you annoyed? To solve this problem, the smart online fitting apps that have been released to give you a hand in this costume issue.

Young fashion-lovers must be taking the full advantage of technologies in the fashion industry. Technology is a launchpad to make the fashion industry even more dynamic when people are now equipped with online virtual fitting rooms.

Online fitting
Online fitting

Virtual online fitting room get rid of the origin shopping barrier

Nowadays, AI technology has been applied to e-commerce, especially fashion brands, to eliminate the difficulties of buyers when they can choose but can not tried on items. It contributes to get rid of the difficulties of buyers. The most popular barrier when shopping is to choose but cannot try on any items. Nonetheless, AI technology gives buyers a virtual online fitting room to try on anything they want to try.

Retailers and fashion brands have become more and more clever in their strategy of attracting customers. They know how to take advantages of technology to eliminate these barricades.

For example, they are spending on online clothes-fitting technology. It helps them to let the shoppers try-on different types of clothes and allow them to mix it. Moreover, they can also mix clothes in their baskets themselves without going to the store.

Each person has different body sizes, resulting in different size of clothes. No matter how the body sizes are, when you insert your image into the app, it will automatically bring out models that match the your body. This is an important factor that smart applications help users easily choose sample size and promote fashion industry develop.

In addition, the physical distance is no longer a concern for customers.

As they now can “go shopping” remotely and try-on directly in such virtual dressing rooms. The advantage of the application has been proven to bring economic benefits to fashion brands as well as consumers.

Smart technology quickly creates your own style

fitting room
Online fitting app

Somehow, technology developers understand fashion-lovers insight. These applications can now give them a hand in creating their suitable style base on their wardrobes.

Imagine that every morning you have to spend a lot of time on dressing still not able to choose a satisfactory outfit. Or you get overwhelmed preparing for party and barely choose an outfits makes you stand out.

Such smart try-on apps are the best solutions ever. Buyers only need to take a picture of themselves, then upload the app. Next, they just lie down seeing how the outfits suits their body via apps.

In Vietnam, the IGen (Y & Z) generations have proved to be trend leaders as they always experience the latest technologies. Plus, smartphones are indispensable friends with information updated on social networks and videos posted on Youtube. This trend predicts that Vietnam will be an ideal place for AI technology investors. Their “sophistication” is a push for the application of technology to develop further in the future.

Although online fitting apps is not in its early period on the market, the benefits brought to the fashion industry still are a great contribution. Online dressing room will continue to be a solution for e-commerce websites and fashion stores. Moreover, it helps shoppers easily try out clothes without going to stores.