Check out 7 essential outfits for the first days in university 


 University is considered as a dynamic, comfortable environment but still remains the solemnity and courtesy. After 12 years of wearing a uniform, are you puzzling about what to wear on the first day at university? Find the most effective solutions with Smart Fashion now!

Shirts/ T-shirts + jeans + sneakers

This is the simplest and most commonly used outfit you can see on any campuses. Jeans and T-shirts or shirts are the favored items in every student’s closet. Make sure that the pants are not torned at its knee or there are no offensive patterns, this will be the most suitable choice for you in the very first days at university.

A dynamic outfit with shirts and jeans
A dynamic outfit with shirts and jeans – The most commonly used combination of the first year students – Photo:

T-shirts + miniskirts

This Korean school style has been gaining popularity for years. Uniforms in Korea are usually the combination of fixed box pleated and shirts. When coming to Vietnam, this style is changed a bit. The Vietnamese students change shirts by T-shirts which bring the refreshment and more dynamic for every girl.

sweatshirts and fixed box pleated
A perfect outfit from sweatshirts and fixed box pleated – Photo:

Layered sundress/ tank top

Sundresses or tank tops are really effective in helping you look more attractive. However, it seems that they are not suitable for the school environment. So, what should you do? Korean students are very creative when combining a short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirt inside these types of clothes. This combination is suitable for girls who love feminine and tenderness style.

long-sleeved T-shirt for girls
Layered sundress with a long-sleeved T-shirt for girls who love the graceful and charming style – Photo:

Culotte jeans and crop top

With the convenience and comfort that crop top brings, it has been very popular and favored by many girls. However, its hem bottom which is over your waist is too short. Hence, crop tops are not suitable when you are in school. However, if you still want to wear this type of outfit when going to university, you can combine it with culottes jeans. Culotte jeans with the waist that is higher than yours will help you cover the waist part. Moreover, culotte jeans are one of the hot items recently. Therefore, this outfit will definitely make you stand out on the campus.

Crop top and culottes jeans
Crop top and culottes jeans help you become more fashionable on any occasion – Photo:

Trousers + T-shirts

Trousers are usually the items for office girls. However, if you prefer the elegant and presentable style, you can mix them with a T-shirt to go to school. Trousers with a shirt and a blazer will be the perfect outfit when you have a presentation. As for weekday classes, let’s become newfangled with an interesting combination of trousers and T-shirts. T-shirts bring energetic outfits while trousers help you become polite and courteous. They are two different items but when mixing them together, the outfit works really well.

“Girl crush” style with trousers and T-shirt for those who love elegant and presentable outfits – Photo:

Midi skirt and long-sleeved T-shirt

The day of college admission is also when the weather starts to get colder. The long-sleeved T-shirt and midi skirt will help keep the body warm and help you become more attractive with your stylish fashion. A ruffle skirt or knife pleat one maybe a little bit bulky. Hence, you should wear a sheath midi shirt to make a suitable outfit when being in classes. Especially, you should remember to tuck your shirt in. It helps you look neater and can cheat quite a bit of your height.

An outfit of midi skirt and long-sleeved T-shirts is suitable for cold Autumn days in university
An outfit of midi skirt and long-sleeved T-shirts is suitable for cold Autumn days in university – Photo:

Miniskirt and blazer

Walking around the university on an Autumn day, we can easily see girls in colorful and different styles with blazers. Because the upper part is quite “bulky”, you can combine it with a short skirt. Furthermore, it could be skinny jeans or a pair of heeled culottes when you are wearing a blazer to school. This combination is exactly your “right hand” when you are not confident with your modest height. However, if your university has strict rules on the outfit, use another plan. Skinny jeans or culottes one which can cover your legs till the heel will be the best choice. 

A combination of blazers and short skirts for girls
A combination of blazers and short skirts for girls who want to have some “rebellion” when going to school – Photo:

Hopefully, the above tips on how to mix & match when you are in the first days in the university will help you look stylish but still remain the meek factor. Do not forget to follow Smart Fashion and get the most trendy tips to mix & match as well as fashion news every day. Good luck!