[Press Release] Smart Fashion – A “100% made by Vietnamese” fashion application used AI technology


BAP VENTURES, which belongs to the BAP GROUP, is going to release the Smart Fashion application this May with the hope to solve the most important problem of fashion customers about “What to wear today?”. This is a “100% made by Vietnamese” application is expected to change the users’ behavior as well as the domestic fashion industry.

Smart Fashion solves the most important problems in shopping and fashion

Spending more than one year in implementing AI technology to shopping, Smart Fashion brings users and fashion suppliers closer to the most modern technology in global shopping behavior. Fashion lovers just stay at home and try their favorite items from the favorite stores before deciding to buy them. Fashion suppliers can save operation fees and optimize revenue with Smart Fashion.

Smart Fashion is developed with Deep Learning and Image Processing to analyze and evaluate the body data to customize suitable clothes models and give the best solutions for different users.

The try-on function creates a fitting room at home

With Try-on function, Smart Fashion’s users do not need to go to the stores to try their favorite items which were tried on by tons of other customers. They can stay at home and upload their own photos to the Smart Fashion application, then pick their favorite items from the favorite stores to try on with the app.

Save the time of matching clothes with Stylish function

The Smart Fashion application helps fashion lovers to solve the most difficult question every morning: “What to wear now?”. The Stylish function allows users to upload pictures of all items in their wardrobe or any items that they like, then receive the suggestions from the Smart Fashion application about the best matching outfits which are not only suitable with their own style but also catch the fashion trends.

>> Download Smart Fashion here.

A “100% made by Vietnamese” application

Smart Fashion

The Smart Fashion application is developed by BAP VENTURES which is a sub-company of BAP GROUP. BAP VENTURES invests a skillful developer team, experience AI experts, and the support from a professional stylist team to develop this application.

Smart Fashion is proud to be a “100% made by Vietnamese” application from the idea to the developing it with hope to bring the most modern technology to Vietnamese fashion lovers and suppliers. The first version of this application is released in Vietnam in three languages: Vietnamese, English, and Japanese.

For further information, please contact:

Website: https://smartfashion.ai

Email: partner@smartfashion.ai