Smart Fashion changes the fashion industry with AI stylist


Technology is constantly evolving. Nowadays, common problems such as online shopping, fitting, and matching clothes can be solved by technology. You will no longer stand in front of a huge wardrobe but don’t know what to wear thanks to Smart Fashion with an “AI stylist”.

A new era in the fashion industry with AI technologies – AI Stylist

AI is playing a big role in creating a new era in the fashion industry. It’s changing the whole industry in many key divisions. From designing to manufacturing, logistic, supply chain, marketing, and sales.

For example, in design, AI can detect and forecast new trends, reduces the error of prediction. Plus, AI also contributes a lot in manufacturing, fashion store sales and marketing. Things like sewing, sorting, or dresses are all done by machines controlled by AI technology.

Especially, AI is playing an important role in fashion retail. It monitors the customers’ activities while shopping and visualize their sentiments in order to improve buyers’ experience. One of AI’s applications in fashion is the “AI stylist”. “AI stylist” will let people find those exclusive perfect outfits that suit their body type and fashion preferences.

AI stylist
AI stylist is changing the fashion industry – Image: Alibaba.

There is a “100% made by Vietnamese” app bringing this hi-tech closer to users named Smart Fashion.

Smart Fashion providing AI stylist with high-technologies

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a technology that has been applied a lot in recent hi-tech products. Smart Fashion applied a sub-area of AI called Deep Learning to provide users with an AI stylist. Machine Learning enables the systems to recognize patterns such as body form and clothes from the data sets and the basis of existing algorithms. From the available data, artificial intelligence technology engineers use algorithms and the respective analysis rules to make the images of clothing and users compatible with each other.

Deep Learning algorithms
Deep Learning algorithms are used in Smart Fashion. Photo: 2018 Getty Images.

Next, they use Deep Learning, a subfield of Machine Learning to make it more “friendly” to users. It will adjust the skin color and make the clothes fit the body image better. Put simply, Deep Learning will produce images that look as realistic as possible through Computer Vision. No matter what your body form is, or how difficult your pose is, this concept can put clothes on you in the best way.

Smart Fashion with AI stylist features

“Try-on” feature for clothes online shopping

Shopping online saved us a lot of time. However, shopping online for fashion is accompanied by inadequacies. When buying clothes online, you will not be able to try it on as buying at stores. But don’t worry! The “Try-on” feature of Smart Fashion will help you out!

First, you need to upload your photo to Smart Fashion. Next, when online shopping, you just need to pick your favorite clothes to try it on with your image. Finally, you can see how you look like in that item. This is quite similar to the doll dressing games. Now the doll is you! Then, if you fall for that item, just click to buy it.

Smart Fashion app
“Try-on” feature allows you to try clothes online before purchasing.

“Stylish” feature – an AI stylist in your pocket

“Stylish” feature works as your personal AI stylist in your pocket. You will no longer have to stand in front of a huge closet but find nothing to wear. To take full advantage of this stylish, you need to upload all of the costumes and accessories in your closet into the app. Remember the instruction I mentioned earlier? This app will mix and match the available clothes in your closet onto your image basing on wearing purposes. “Stylish” feature will raise your fashion style to a new level.

AI stylist will help you manage your closet.
AI stylist will help you manage your closet.

Moreover, it will make the most of what you have. You usually accidentally “forget” a shirt in the wardrobe after time not wearing it. But with Smart Fashion, when you upload all of your clothes’ images to the app, they all are displayed on the screen. It will be easy to see what you are having in the wardrobe. And it also helps you wear it in the most fashionable way.

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Moreover, an AI stylist also helps you in online shopping for clothes. When you fall for an item, you can try it on with your image in the app to see how you look like in that item. Smart Fashion will automatically give you the best matching suggestions. Now, you will not have to worry about buying a beautiful top but don’t know how to match with the bottom.


With a deep understanding of users and the effort of using the most advanced technology to solve users’ problems, Smart Fashion with AI stylist will always innovate and bring even more features to fashion users in the future. Let’s wait for surprises from Smart Fashion!