Understanding smart fashion in the 4.0 era


The expansion of technological power is undeniable. And the fashion industry has applied technological applications to give shoppers better experiences. Plus, fashion terms also change with the beat of technology when the phrase “smart fashion” gains a lot of attention. Do you understand what smart fashion is, how it brings benefits to the fashion industry and shoppers?

Smart fashion
Smart fashion

What is smart fashion?

Smart fashion is defined as the combination of technologies to offer solutions that the fashion industry is suffering from. Technologies such as computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are applied to create applications for the fashion industry.

Recently, the fashion industry is receiving many applications to solve congestion and time-consuming problems for customers. It is the result of the launch of “online fitting room applications” from the developers of smart fashion apps.

Solution for online fashion

The difficulty of fashion stores is that they cannot provide enough dressing rooms for customers on weekends and public holidays. Moreover, the emergence of E-commerce has promoted global economic development. It also created a cross-geographical shopping network, which has helped many businesses solve many problems. However, there are some obstacles that customers can order but can not try their chosen items online.

The ideas come from the observations and researches of the technologists have successfully built the online fitting room platform. It is a great solution for retailers and fashion brands to create interesting experiences for customers.

Recently, online fashion stores can help customers to try clothes directly. Customers can select different products and try on with their own virtual models on the app. There is a variety products that they can virtually try on such as pants, shirts, or fashion accessories. Although the applications have been released for many years, they still have not gained attention in the international market. It is because the number of people known and used is not as expected.

The appliance of shopping trend in Vietnam

Smart fashion app
Smart fashion app

2020 is expected to be a blooming year for online shopping apps. The endless competition between big companies to become the best online shopping app has been happening every day. This must be good news for users to get the full advantage of app developers and product suppliers.

Besides, the increase in the number of smartphone users in Vietnam has led to a change in their needs and behaviors when they want technology to be a companion. Therefore, it’s time for businesses to change according to customer needs.

For fashion shoppers, they do not want to wait too long to try out the clothes. They also do not want to go to the place to wear expensive jewelry to see if they are suitable or not. What they need is a smart fitting app that is easy to install and use on their phones.

With the fitting app, online fashion websites or fashion stores can help shoppers try out clothes that fit their bodies according to their size and requirements before making purchases. On the consumer side, such smart fashion applications can help them to mix and match from clothes they choose or from their own wardrobes. This is a major step in the fashion industry when it comes to applying AI to its products.

We hope that this article can convey to readers a knowledge base on smart fashion, as well as the benefits and trends it brings in the 4.0 era.