Student fashion revolution through four years in university


In university, regulations on costumes are no longer as strict as in high schools. Uniforms are replaced by outfits with plenty of different styles. Therefore, student fashion in universities is a topic that many people are interested in, especially the fashion revolution of students through the years. Every student has his own sense of style and it is also different each year. Have a look at this fashion revolution of students with Smart Fashion!

How do freshmen mix and match?

First-year students have a very simple outfit. It is the first step from the high school’s uniform to freestyle outfits. Thus, most of the students do not choose to wear outstanding outfits.

Girls often use a mix of T-shirts and jeans. This is one of the most popular ways to mix clothes with basic items. The reason is that they still do not have a style for themselves when they come to a new environment for the very first time. Hence, we can easily recognize who is the freshmen in a crowd in the schoolyard.

T-shirt and jeans
Simple outfit from T-shirt and jeans. Photo: BOO, 92wear.

Besides, student fashion with baggy pants is also popular with first-year girls. Baggy pants are the item that is popular with every girl in high school. Therefore, it is also one of the first choices for freshmen when they are in their first days in university. A combination of baggy with a T-shirt and sneakers helps them stand out from the crowd without being gone out of fashion.

Baggy pants
Baggy pants – A favorite item of freshmen. Photo: Shopee.

Changes in student fashion of sophomore

In the second year, there are some small changes in student fashion. Their style also gradually improved someway. Pants are now replaced by tenderness, silk chiffon fabric skirts. In addition, shirts are also the favored item they choose to mix with skirts. This combination helps them look more attractive and gorgeous when going to school.

Studen fashion
A perfect example of an outfit from skirts. Photo: Shopee.

However, not so that the T-shirts fell into oblivion. There are many girls who choose T-shirts for their student fashion collections. They often mix T-shirts with a plaid shirt or jeans jacket. This is a popular choice on hot days for girls who have to spend time outside. It not only helps her look more energetic, dispels the worry about the sun but also keeps the necessary presentable appearance for the school environment.

A plaid shirt can make students be more fashionable
A plaid shirt can make students be more fashionable. Photo: Shopee.

How about the third-year students?

The third-year is probably the time when student fashion has the most diversity. We can easily see girls with an outfit of culotte pants – the item that is “hunted” by most girls in every corner of the school. Culotte pants are often paired with a plain T-shirt. This is a simple way to mix and match trendy clothes and create a really impressive outfit. Young, energetic and fashionable is what we can feel when catching girls in this combination.

Studen fashion mix Culotte pants with T-shirts
Culotte pants with T-shirts for third-year students. Photo: Shopee.

Moreover, students also love the blouses with stylized designs, flared sleeves or bulging sleeves with office style. This is a “right-hand man” that helps every girl become more professional and stand out in her classes as well as on other occasions.

Blouses with stylized designs
Blouses with stylized designs, flared sleeves. Photo: Lazada.

Additionally, dresses are popular in student fashion in the third year. They can be used when going to school or eating out with friends. After-school gatherings are also the occasions that students can make the most of this type of clothing. It helps her become more gentle, graceful, and feminine. In addition, wearing a denim jacket also helps her to stand out from the crowd as well.

item among students in universities
Dresses are a popular item among students in universities. Photo: Lazada.

Senior students and “mature” student fashion

By the fourth year, students have some changes in their style. They need to change the way they wear so that their outfit can be suitable when they are inside and outside their university. 

The costumes with blazers are very popular during this time. Blazer creates an elegant, professional student fashion when they need to be at school and at their internship place. Moreover, this item is not too picky. Therefore, they can mix with blouses, T-shirts or any other item that suits that outfit. In addition, cloth bags, diagonal bags, or inner glasses are also indispensable accessories for this costume.

Studen Fashion
Blazers make you look more professional and elegant. Photo: Shopee.

Furthermore, items such as A-line skirts and pencil skirts are easily caught in university lecture halls around this time. They look good on almost every girl and help them be fabulous, improve their height and become more professional.

Fashion in 2020 is in vogue with suits for women of all ages. Besides the costumes for office, dating, student fashion with suits is also an attractive topic. This outfit not only helps the girls to add new fashion for themselves, but also helps her to be stylish in any situation.