Fashion shopping app is leading to a new consumer trend


Recently, the fashion industry has witnessed major changes. These changes come from the design trends or the arrival of fashion brands in developing countries. More than that, it comes from the shopping habits of consumers. The development of shopping apps has brought to the new concept called “fashion technology 4.0” as well as new and exciting shopping experiences. Hence, this article will show you a clear picture of online shopping apps and how to enjoy the new shopping trends.

Fashion shopping app
Shopping app

Realistic shopping experience with smart fashion shopping apps

With the massive reproduction of e-commerce websites, online shopping apps are no longer a new concept. However, regarding fashion shopping apps, very few people know them and the number of people using them is even less. In fact, online shopping applications in the fashion industry offer completely brand new experiences. It is not only a new breakthrough in the fashion industry but also a milestone in the development of global technology.

Fashion industry has used a variety of smart shopping apps with many unique features. One of the most noticeable features is the virtual fitting room, bringing the biggest changes in consumers’ shopping habits. Instead of going directly to the stores and putting on items that dozens of customers have tried before, now you can try on clothes at home with virtual models on their mobile devices. Moreover, some applications also use AI (artificial intelligence) or VR (virtual reality). It can accurately simulate the appearance of the user or the real store. Thanks to the development of these technologies, users can now have realistic shopping experiences without going out.

Online shopping apps create new consumer behavior trends

Consumer behavior changes rapidly as the requirements of online shopping are becoming a big concern. According to a report by PwC in 2018, more than 60% of consumers use online shopping apps on their purchase processes. This is predicted to be a global trend in the coming years yet it’s still quite unfamiliar in Vietnam.

The Generation Y and Z have a great sensitiveness technological changes. Therefore, they are also pioneers in the trend of using online shopping app in the fashion industry. They are expecting fashion stores to provide websites with smarter features. They are looking forward to the appliance of technology into online stores as well.

Plus, these generations accounts for a large proportion of different segments in the fashion industry. Many fashion brands have adjusted their strategies to satisfy these audiences leading to the change in online shopping behavior. It also facilitates the explosion of hi-tech application developers. Besides, it’s also a new challenge for fashion brands all over the world.

Benefits of virtual fitting feature in the fashion industry

Fashion shopping app
Online shopping app

Online fashion shopping apps provide customers with new experiences and conveniences. For example, when shopping needs arise, customers can grab their phones and go to the website immediately. Then it will be so easy to select and try clothes with the help of their own virtual models. Such applications are able to make customers feel free trying on clothes without waiting as in the original way.

Traditional fashion stores are catching up with the rhythm of fashion industry 4.0. Modern technology with artificial intelligence or virtual reality have solved physical shopping barriers such as moving, hygiene or comfort when trying on clothes.

People say that online shopping apps have changed the trend of consumers. And it is a significant revolution of the fashion industry. This can be seen as a major revolution in the whole fashion industry when deeply understanding the customer insight and are able to fulfill their demands with advanced technologies.

The e-commerce market and fashion industry made significant innovations since more technologies like AI are applied to shopping apps. We hope that this article can give you a general picture of shopping app in modern life: “not only shop but also try before purchase”.