Top 5 apps to find clothes that you should not miss in quaratine time


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The online shopping market in Vietnam during the outbreak of COVID-19 is in its most exciting periods of development. The demand for online shopping, especially the demand for buying clothes, is becoming higher than ever. People are now implementing the 15 days of Social Distancing to protect their health and prevent the disease from outbreaking. Therefore, an app to find clothes, or an app that allows you to try on clothes online when you are in quarantine time, is considered as one of the most efficient solutions.

Finding and buying your favorite clothes are no longer a problem when there are many applications that help you do anything you want: from finding a T-shirt, a book or even booking flight tickets and so on. In this article, let us introduce you to the top 5 best apps to find and buy clothes online and stay safe with just some simple steps.

1. Lazada – an ideal app to find clothes in Vietnam

If you are a fashion lover, you can’t help using this app when shopping online during quarantine time. Lazada offers you hundreds of goods in the stalls system such as books, cosmetic, electronic products, especially clothes. All clothing products on Lazada come from many brands with attractive designs that are trends of Fashion in 2020 with reasonable prices. Besides, you can also choose the best provider based on the prices and reviews from other buyers.

app to find clothes
Lazada app. Image:

Moreover, Lazada also has a “search by image” feature. For example, if you have a picture of a T-shirt and you want to buy it on Lazada, you just need to upload that image to the app. All you need to do is wait for the result and choose for yourself 1 best provider. Then, follow the ordering steps and wait for the item to be delivered to your address.

2. Tiki – More than a shopping application

From being just a book-selling website, Tiki has become an e-commerce app providing a wide range of goods to users in Vietnam. Besides selling books, the outstanding item that Tiki provides is clothes products.

Tiki has authentic clothes items with a catalog of thousands of ones coming from hundreds of famous and reputable manufacturers. Additionally, it also has attractive promotions and daily unique extra gifts for you.

App to find clothes
Tiki – More than a shopping application. Image:

Moreover, Tiki has competitive prices with more than 90% of its clothing products with a discount of 10% or more. Besides, you will also be provided with services such as customer service before-in-after purchase (7 days/week, from 7:00 to 22:00). This is exactly an app to find clothes that you cannot miss the chance to try.

3. Shopee – Everything you need for your quarantine time

Shopee is what you need to find clothes in these quarantine days. On Shopee, you will have opportunities to get lots of promotions such as free shipping, up-to-50% daily discounts or negotiating with the seller for a better price. Moreover, you can return the product if it does not meet your requirements.

App to find clothes
Shopping online on Shopee. Image:

Another feature that can’t be missed about Shopee is searching by photo. If you want to find clothes, T-shirt, shoes, cosmetics, or electronic items… but you don’t know their brands, or where to buy the best ones, you just need to use the function “Searching by photo”. After uploading the images that you have on the app, you just need to choose a trustable provider, then, follow the instructions and wait till you receive it.

One of Shopee’s advantages is that it always updates the trend of fashion. Fashion in 2020 is changing every day, and Shopee is really good at updating these trends for fashion lovers. Furthermore, Shoppe is an app with great social interaction. It allows buyers and sellers to chat directly and help them get satisfaction as well.

Don’t forget to download and enjoy the time using the app to find clothes and even more with Shopee.

4. Sendo – Online shopping application for Vietnamese

During this time, do not forget to use Sendo to experience online shopping with attractive daily prices (up to 45% discount). This is an app to find clothes that are the favorite fashion style in 2020 and quality goods, but also do not need to go out to try them on and worry about the origin of its products.

App clothes
Sendo – Online shopping application for Vietnamese. Image:

On Sendo, you will have the chance to approach a wide range of products. For example, you can find either technology, fashion, cosmetics, or studying items… with a variety of models, colors and brands,… Sendo always guarantees about the origin and price of a product, so all you have to do is enjoy the time using this app.

5. Smart Fashion – an app for trying clothes online

Are you spending too much time on searching for your favorite pieces of clothing? Are you getting overwhelmed while preparing for parties, finding an outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd? All your problems will be solved with Smart Fashion.

Smart Fashion – an efficient app to smarten up your style. Image:

On Smart Fashion, clothing items are always updated. It offers a variety of clothes from many fashion brands. Moreover, this is an app to find clothes with advanced filters such as colors, size, and price. Additionally, you can upload your photos to the app with your wardrobe and then try all your clothes online with the “Try-on” function. Furthermore, the function “Stylist” also helps you to mix the current items perfectly and recommend the trending style fitting you the most. Hence, you will not waste your time considering what to wear or how to be fashionable anymore. 

Smart Fashion is such an effective solution for not only fashion stores but also the customers in this pandemic time.

>> Download Smart Fashion here.


The time of social distancing was extended to April 22, 2020. So, an app to find clothes is the first choice for buyers, especially for fashion lovers. We hope that those 5 online shopping apps will help you find and buy clothes online, as well as help you have a safe and effective quarantine time.