Smart Fashion and the mission to change the fashion industry


The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped its hit since the end of 2019 until now. The global outbreak of coronavirus has negatively impacted on economy, education, and medical industry seriously. On the other hand, it brings good things in some ways. The pandemic did not only change the way people work but also changed transportation, trading, and consuming behavior. It contributed to the technological races when people need to change to survive in the pandemic. One of these changes is the born of Smart Fashion.

Smart Fashion catches the opportunity in the pandemic

The demand and supply in the fashion industry have dramatically decreased in 2020. The factories have stopped working due to the absence of workers. Material and goods have been stuck in the warehouses or ports and cannot be exported.

Additionally, the demand for fashion products has dropped sharply. During this tough time, consumers focus on the essentials rather than fashion. They put food, water and electricity bills above anything else.

Fashion in 2020
Consumers are queuing up for payments in a supermarket – Photo: Ooi Boon Keong.

There are changes in expenditure behavior. Instead of spending hours just to walk around the malls, people seem to run when being in the supermarket to get enough necessary products. They have to wake up so early to stand in a queue in front of the supermarket, then run as fast as possible to pick anything they can, then continue running to the cashier to queue up again for payment. People do not have time for clothes at the stores. Predict the change in online shopping, Smart Fashion was born with interesting functions to help people have better experiences when shopping online.

“Try-on” – A must-have function when shopping online

The very first and foremost difficulty when shopping online is unable to try on. You cannot know whether that dress suits your body, or its color fits your skin. You have no choice but to put all your trust in the seller with worries.

With “Try-on” function on Smart Fashion, this problem is solved. When you upload your photo to the application and pick your favorite clothes in the favorite stores, Smart Fashion will show how you look like in that dress. Hence, instead of going to the store and coming in and out of the fitting room several times to choose a suitable outfit, you can just stay at home and try them all on with Smart Fashion.

Smart fashion try-on
Try-on function on Smart Fashion can solve the problems of online shopping – Image: Smart Fashion.

Become a green consumer with Smart Fashion

Before the pandemic outbreak, the fashion industry had to face its own problems. One of the most serious ones is pollution. In manufacture, the fashion industry is considered to be the one that has the highest usage in mineral water and causes water pollution. Additionally, changing in the fashion trends consequences a big amount of textile and clothes waste. Many pieces of clothes are thrown after only twice to three times wearing due to out-of-fashion. The toxic in textile and clothes that are non-degradable will be mixed up in the water, soil, and air. Therefore, the fashion industry needs to find themselves a way to reduce its impact on the environment, a way to grow sustainably.

By reusing the recyclable materials, the defective products, the fashion industry is trying its best to protect the environment. The fashion manufacturers put the organic materials in a higher priority. Moreover, they prefer local material suppliers to reduce emissions from transportation. Additionally, fashion brands also collect old clothes for non-commercial purposes.

fashion industry
Exceed clothes are packed before being moved to the specialized area – Image: Fashionbeans

In order to contribute to the sustainable development of the fashion industry, Smart Fashion introduces the “Stylish” function which could help to improve the quality of matching outfits so that it could give a hand to the environment conservation. This function allows users to manage their closet on the app by uploading photos of their clothes, Smart Fashion can give them suggestions for matching clothes with different purposes such as going to school, going to work, or preparing for an important meeting, it depends on the user’s choices.

The stylish function helps users to save their time on choosing clothes. In addition, users can be easy to find the suitable clothes to match, or sometimes forget about some pieces of clothes in the corner of the closet. It is a good way to reduce the spend on clothes as well as decrease the volume of clothes that they buy since users can find different ways to mix and match fashionably.

Smart fashion
The “Stylish” function helps users to manage their closet efficiently – Image: Smart Fashion.

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In a race that technology and environment are the main factor and stick together, the “right time” application as Smart Fashion is always a great choice. With the hope of changing the definition of try-on as well as contribute to the sustainable development of the fashion industry, Smart Fashion is going to release more interesting and helpful functions. Do not forget to follow us to keep updating on Smart Fashion’s changes!