Sick of being home? These six virtual fashion exhibitions will save your life


Back to few years, or a few months ago, people still had to spend 3-4 days to attend a fashion week. They spent it on traveling, participating in the main events and side events as well. However, thanks to technologies such as virtual reality, exhibitions are now about to go digital. There will be more runways surrounded by fashion experts, models, and influencers. Virtual fashion exhibitions are going on the show. Here are six online fashion shows that you can enjoy right from home.

Schiaparelli and Surrealism – Google Arts & Culture virtual fashion exhibitions

Elsa Schiaparelli was an Italian fashion designer. She was one of the most prominent designers between the two World Wars. Her designs were influenced by Surrealists heavily. Schiaparelli also cooperated with other Surrealist artists in Paris for many projects. Those varied from photography to designing accessories, perfume bottles, fabrics, and clothes.

Hence, Google Arts & Culture hosted a virtual fashion exhibition to explore her love for Surrealism. This virtual tour describes truthfully her journey through photos from the V&A Museum.

Google Arts & Culture holds virtual exhibitions
Google Arts & Culture holds virtual exhibitions to commemorate Elsa Schiaparelli – Image: Google Arts & Culture.

>>Watch Schiaparelli and Surrealism virtual exhibitions here.

Collecting Comme – Virtual fashion exhibitions of Comme

Collecting Comme is one of the virtual fashion exhibitions hosted by The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. In this showcase, visitors will see 65 outfits from over 40 collections. They are all devoted by the collectors from Comme Des Garçons and Takamasa Takahashi. This is an opportunity for people to admire masterpieces from decades ago. Moreover, they can also witness desirable looks from Japanese designers Junya Watanabe and Tao Kurihara in a one-stop virtual tour. Especially, you can even see three designs from 1997’s Body Meets Dress-Dress Meets Body collection. More than that, they display each costume with a specific description for your deeply study at home.

>>Watch Collecting Comme here.

Christian Dior – Virtual fashion exhibitions of dreams

Designer of Dreams is the title of Christan Dior’s virtual fashion exhibitions. It took place at Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. It’s considered one of the most extravagant fashion shows in the last decades. This exhibition displays over 200 rare Haute Couture costumes from the V&A’s couture collection. Furthermore, it presents the massive collection of Dior Archives including accessories, fashion photography, film, perfume, magazines, as well as Christian Dior’s personal possessions.

Một cuộc triển lãm ảo khác của Christian Dior tại bảo tàng Victoria and Albert, London
Christian Dior’s virtual fashion exhibitions in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London – Image:

>> Watch Christian Dior exhibitions here.

No Space, Just A Place. Eterotopia

This is a virtual fashion exhibition of Gucci at Daelim Museum in South Korea curated by Myriam Ben Salah. These virtual art installations inspired by the near future and the fantastic mythologies. No Space, Just A Place transforms the form of space as a simple geographical location into a place. Drawing from the ancient concept of PROXENIA, it’s not a physical showcase, this one is activated by human experience. What’s more, the host formulates a new define: being together while not being one thing.

The exhibition spreads across three floors showing the work of 10 independent art spaces from Seoul. Moreover, you can witness here five designs from Korean and international artists. Especially, Kai, Gucci’s Eyewear ambassador also made a special appearance in this show as a Korean audio narrator.

Gucci fashion digital
No Space, Just A Place virtual fashion exhibitions from the outside – Image: Youtube/Gucci

>> Watch No Space, Just A Place showcase here.

Master Craftsman – Virtual fashion exhibitions of Balenciaga

Known as “The Master of haute coutre”, Cristóbal Balenciaga revolutionized the female silhouette with virtual fashion exhibitions on Google Arts & Culture named Master Craftsman. In this fashion show, you can learn more about his mesmerizing codes on redefining the shape of women’s fashion in the 50s and 60s. You can see his famous classic flamenco design in pink silk. Moreover, the patented evening gown will also be on display here. This is one of the dresses that laid the foundation for later evening gown designs.

Starting as a tailor when he was just 12, Balenciaga was skilled in every stage of making costumes: designing, cutting, tailoring, and dressmaking.  Therefore, he didn’t let anyone help him. He fitted each model, chose buttons, colors on his own. Everything was done with detailed precision. And now, you absolutely can admire that subtlety right at home thanks to VR.

>> Discover Balenciaga: Master Craftsman virtual fashion exhibitions here.

Alexander McQueen with virtual fashion exhibitions The Craftsmanship

Founded in 1992 by Lee Alexander McQueen, the fashion company has become one of the most important and respected brands. Alexander McQueen is well-known for the emotional power and fresh energy together in its designs. The respect for craftsmanship was also evident throughout past collections to recent virtual fashion exhibitions. The virtual reality tour that the British Fashion Council holds including the late McQueen’s pieces of artwork. They are autobiographical, drawings from pop culture, and from his life as well. “Innovative. Emotional. Unapologetic”, Alexander McQueen’s tone at the top is now preserved and promoted by current creative director Sarah Burton. You can find in this showcase contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity. 

Look 39 of Alexander Mcqueen’s virtual fashion exhibitions
Look 39 of Alexander Mcqueen’s virtual fashion exhibitions – Image: Youtube/@British Fashion Council.

>> Join Alexander McQueen’s virtual fashion exhibitions here.